Welcome to my website. I'm Daniel Strekier, a wood artist. I've been working with wood for over 30 years. I have always been looking to challenge myself. These years of searching, bring me today to the handcraft build of wooden bicycles.

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Grace is a bicycle made almost entirely from wood. It is the result of the passion for woodworking and the continuous search for challenges, excellence and self-improvement.

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An entire life of woodworking

That's why every work has not only the weight of so many years of experience, but also the same love and enthusiasm as the first day.

In the gallery, you can see some of these works.

Customized works

What really makes something unique is the feeling of its owner. That's why I put my focus on customization.

In the gallery you can find some examples of this approach put into practice.


Here you can find some news, information about our current projects, magazine presence, demonstrations and more.

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Grace arrives in Belgium!

Grace, the wooden bicycle that continues to transcend borders. The first article in French about Grace has arrived. Thank you, Velosophe!



Latidos Magazine Interview

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Meeting at the Franklin Woodturners Club

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Kawerau National Woodskills Competition

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Grace on the Shed

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Feel free to make questions, comments and commissions. We accept orders from anywhere in the world.

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